"The Sustainable Venture Capital Investment Competition at Chapel Hill, North Carolina is a great way to get an early look at the investment opportunities, investing participants, and up-and-coming talent that is going to define the sustainability-oriented venture capital industry for the next few years to come."

Brian Dunn, Aquillian Investments

"By bringing MBA's and investors from the top institutions together, the SVCIC has distinguished itself as an exemplary academic forum for emerging double bottom-line entrepreneurs."

Amir Hasson, United Villages


Congratulations to 2014
sVCIC Winner
Oxford Business School!



Manchester (2013) - UNC-Chapel Hill (2012, 2011)
Oxford (2010) - NYU Stern (2009)
Wharton (2008) - Kellogg (2007) - UNC-Chapel Hill (2006)

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